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    Makeup List that a cosplayer should have~


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    Makeup List that a cosplayer should have~ Empty Makeup List that a cosplayer should have~

    Post  Sephy on Wed Apr 01, 2009 6:52 pm

    Makeups. They are very important to cosplay especially if that cosplayer wishes to look their best in their outfit.

    Here are just some type of makeups that are needed for cosplayers.

    Items that every cosplayer 'should' apply before makeup:
    1. Moisturizer : They absorb the make up so that they won't appear 'flaky'.[Due to your dry skin]
    2. Primer: So that your makeup lasts longer.

    For cosplayers who wish to cosplay as female characters, the following is needed:
    1. Foundation: Be it in liquid/ creme/ mineral
    2. Concealers: To conceal the acne scars and black circles under you eyes.
    3. Eyeliners: Be it Pencil/ liquid/ creme. (Best to use liquid as it doesn't smudge easily)
    4. Fake eyelashes: Many female characters have 'really' long eyelashes.
    5. Eye shadows: Different eye shadows work on different wig colours. (Will put a guide on this soon)
    6. Lip gloss: You don't want your lips to be 'all' dry during an event/con
    7. Loose Powder: To seal the foundation and concealer.

    For cosplayers who wish to cosplay male characters, the following is needed:
    1. Foundation.
    2. Concealer.
    3. Loose powder.
    4. Eye liner.
    5. Lip balm. (no colour)
    6. Nude lipstick. (skin coloured lipstick)[I don't think this is available in Brunei but nevertheless you can use foundation]

    For those who are. .allergic to makeups. . best to try the ones which are for sensitive skin. [Body Shop/ Face shop/ Skin food]
    Be aware. .not to try on the face first. . try somewhere else but the face e.g your hands.(I'm pretty sure you don't wanna go to school/work with a red blotch on the face)

    Makeups brands
    Okay. .erm . .I'm not really sure which to recommend. . i use various types of makeups. It really depends on your skin type. For me I use Face Shop, Etude House, Loreal and Maybelline.
    Brands that i recommend are:
    -M.A.C (the original one. Not that i'm against the fake m.a.c, it's just that they may not be suitable for people who have sensitive skin)[in Malaysia and Singapore and other countries]
    -Skin food [available in Brunei and other countries]
    -Body Shop (Mineral Line)[available in Brunei and other countries]
    -Etude House [in Malaysia/ Korea. Probably available in Singapore and other countries]
    -Bobbi Brown [in Malaysia and Singapore and other countries]

    For foundation, pick a foundation which is 2 or 1 shades lighter than your skin. This is because after 20 mins, the foundation would tend to become darker and blends with the skin. (you may look darker instead)

    During an event, bring concealers/foundations and lipbalm (well practically 'what you really need' to touch up your makeup. This is because during events you may get all sweaty/ your face may oil up and your makeup may have . .smudged. . therefore you need to touch up your makeup. [Bring a compact Mirror!!]

    After the event, You have to remove the makeup. Leaving it on would make more acne building up on the face.
    You'll need to use a makeup remover. Makeup Removers are expensive . . . another solution to it is by using Baby Oil. It is way cheaper and tends to work on removing makeups.

    Tutorials will be posted up soon

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