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    Posting Regulation in the AMG Entry


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    Posting Regulation in the AMG Entry Empty Posting Regulation in the AMG Entry

    Post  Takezo on Sun Apr 05, 2009 9:00 pm

    This regulation posts ain't about netiquettes so be at ease.

    What we are here to clarify is the posting of topics with appropriate topic format for easier documentation and presentation of the forum for easy viewing. This would very much facilitate the browsing experiense and searching effeciency of new or old members alike.

    With every topic posted in the AMG Entry category, please add a set of tag brackets [ ] followed by the attribute or the nature of the topic being posted.

    The words to be used to classify and used in the tag brackets are as follow:


    and no others are allowed, and the tag word has to be in full BLOCK letters.

    example will be as follow:

    [MANGA]BLEACH GaiDen - a side story of Bleach 49 years after Les Nocas is obliberated.

    [MIX] Whose your favourite seiyuu(voice actor)
    *note this is mix as voice actors appears in both games and anime

    [MISC] The Release of FFVII Ultimania: Revised edition
    *note: this is neither game nor movie or anime but just the compilation of the stories and events within FF7 and yes... its true that theres a revised version soon

    Hope all the members would comply with this regulation

    Cheers mate

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    Posting Regulation in the AMG Entry Empty Re: Posting Regulation in the AMG Entry

    Post  kin103 on Sun Apr 05, 2009 9:57 pm

    roger that!!! *salute*

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