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Welcome to the new and upmost version of Cosdan. Hope everyone who once joined at the old forum will join this new one once again, to build everything that we have hope for from the start! New members, please re-introduce yourself at the Introduction section and take your time to read the improved rules and regulations. Wouldn't want to get on our bad side. Be sure to contribute, even a little. Lastly, have fun and enjoy yourselves!

    Rules that all members should be aware of.


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    Rules that all members should be aware of. Empty Rules that all members should be aware of.

    Post  Sebby on Sun Mar 29, 2009 1:43 pm


    1. Please respect everybody in this forum.
    2. Flaming, trolling, slandering and spamming are strictly prohibited in this forum. That includes personal attacks as well as rude comments.
    3. Administrators and moderators exist to make you behave. Please do not feel upset if anyone of them give you a warning. That must meant you have done something wrong. If you have an issue with anyone of them, please sort it out by using the PM feature.
    4. Please do not abuse the "Report a post" feature. Only use it if the post is inappropriate or offend other people in a way.
    5. Be sure to contribute! There's a reason why you're here, isn't it?


    1. Please do check before you start to create any topics for that specific forum. Chances are, the topic you want to create is already floating around somewhere. Multiple topics of the same objective can be very confusing. Do make use of the SEARCH function to look for it.
    2. Keep everything on topic. If the topic is about a specific anime, keep every bits of discussion to that. There is a reason why a topic on that series is created.
    3. Ensure the topic you are creating is in the correct forum. If there is a wrong post in the wrong forum, kindly report it to the moderator and they will move it back into place. Multiple attempts will result in warnings.
    4. No double posting is allowed. Use the edit feature if you left out anything in your post.


    1. One or three word sentences are strictly not allowed unless you're chatting away in SPAMSVILLE. If there is nothing to say about a certain topic, then don't post at all. Same goes for "I don't know, yes and no" posts unless it's relevant.
    2. Keep debates to a minimum so a flame war will not happen.
    3. Try not to nestle every quotes in one post. That means having a gazillion quotes in one post.
    4. Please be literate with your spellings and grammar. Nobody likes to read impossible grammar, codes or words that don't seem to exist.
    5. Prevent yourself from swearing too much. Keep them to a minimum.


    1. Links taken from other sites should be properly credited.
    2. Do not post a picture or any links that you're not permitted to post.
    3. If somebody wished the picture to be take down, respect their wishes and do so.
    4. Banning will be put upon if that person do not comply.


    1. hotlinking is not allowed. Don't steal bandwidth or storage from any other sites. There are plenty of image hosting sites you can use to upload your image to. TinyPic and Photobucket are good sites that offer great features.
    2. I know that the forum offers uploading pictures into the topic/post. Don't use it. It just kills the forum's storage.


    1. Images can be uploaded to the gallery.
    2. Don't upload any graphic images onto the Gallery. Remember that this forum if for people of all ages. Kids may be roaming around too.
    3. Don't use the Gallery to create albums in order to host your images that is not relevant at all to this forum. It will be deleted and a warning will be given immediately.


    1. Keep everything rated PG-13 and below.
    2. Adult posts are not allowed. Kindly do not share them here.
    3. Images must not contain any porn-related or pictures of naked individuals.
    4. Severe actions will be done once any is found on the forum itself.
    5. For figurines, if the figure you are posting may be appealing to you but not to others, don't post the picture directly in your post. Just post the link instead.


    1. Avatars are defaulted. No changes can be made.
    2. Signatures should not be bigger than 500x300 and members should not have more than 3 banners in your column.

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