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    Post  :3 on Sun Mar 29, 2009 2:39 pm

    kinda new here
    erh..too new?
    okay.. to all fellow bruneians D:
    any certain information on where to get japanese clogs? in quite a need of it right now ><

    and also, if anyone come across any kind of cloth that is suitable ((in both color and texture)) to make a kimono, ill gladly appreciate the help ><

    so basically:
    where to get clogs?
    any nice fabric

    arigatou to all! =D

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    Post  Piangster on Sun Mar 29, 2009 6:59 pm

    Hay thar! Welcome to the forum!

    Well, you can buy Japanese clogs/geta online, possibly ebay, or taobao(you might need someone who knows chinese to get into this one. is also a good place to find those; The House of Rice too, although I haven't check their shipping info. While there, you can check out their kimono design, maybe that might give you an idea on the design and texture.

    My mum bought mine from 1st Emporium, but I doubt they have them anymore, since it's been a long time she bought it. But definitely worth trying to find them.

    Here's mine. It's more of a zori than geta.

    Hmmm. Fabrics such as cotton sateen or cotton or cotton polyester might be suitable for making kimono, the patterns and colors are really up to you (depends on your skin color I s'pose), although floral prints or repetitive patterns are nice. ;D

    Not much of a help, but hope this helps even a little. geek

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